Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March 2011 - Restless Month

This month was so hectic and a bit dissappointed to us, Mummy and Daddy....probably we spent so much time with activities which makes kid tired and exhausted.

At the end part of this month, we spent at the Tawakal Hospital....Aliyul was admitted.Diagnosed with bacterial infection.

His baby sitter called us said that Aliyull was vomited and dehydrated plus fever. Apalagi mummy run away la from the office at 4 pm then called Daddy yg still in the Tender Briefing meeting to go back jugak....

Luckily Daddy's office just 20 minutes away from Babysitter's house..compared to Mummy yg jauh di KLCC...with all those traffic obstruction.

So, daddy take him to the nearest hospital 1st,,,An Nur Hosp., normally we will see Dr.nazim from Az-Zahrah,kebetulan he's on leave. So decided to An-Nur.

=( . The service at An Nur was bad...to take Aliyull blood specimen took more than 10 minutes..terkial2....at last penuh tangan dia dgn darah....dahla dia dah demam and looks so tired...mmg x pro as Dr. nazim and Aliyull regular Peds,Dr. Sheila (Tawakal). letihla...

We then decided to transfer him to Tawakal for better treatment.....

Aliyull admitted for 6 days....and thanks to those visited him....and those comfort our feeling to go thru this hard time....luv ya all..

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Qisteena & Erienna went to Pusat Sains Negara only with Daddy,,,hahaha...maybe too bz to work even on weekend..so Daddy need to handle and take care of them..Aliyull awal2 Daddy dah surrender....tak larat kejar nanti....so dia kena tinggal dgn baby sitterla,,,

According to them sekarang theme is Dinasour Life..so seronok la bagi Qisteena yg suka explore,,,adik takut sbb the dinos semua nya besar2 and berbunyi kuat macam the real one..so they spent almost half a day while waiting for mummy.


Icam aka Pak Cik Engagement - FEB 2011

After sibuk vacation, we need to make our life busy pulak with Pak Cik engagement preparation....huish penat jugak,,,tapi takpala for acik n auntie Ila akak artis (erienna kasik nama)....kita semua unite and do whatever we can,,,

So we did well...btw we all at man side kan so takdela pening sangat,,,sian Ila la...penat ekkk,,,takpe jab lagi dpt kawen betul 2 okkkkk...

Whatever....penat tapi seronok.......to Ila..welcome to our Family :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CNY 2011 - East Coast Tour "KL-Kuala Lipis-Gua Musang -KB-KT-KTN-KL"

 "Wakaf"  Malay Traditional Architecture

Last CNY in Feb 2011, we all in a family together with Papa,Mak,Mak Su and Pak Cik in two cars travel up to the east coast.......all together took us 6 days to the round back to KL....
Our Pilot & Co-Pilot
At first the intention was to bawak Papa n Mak to visit KB,since diaorg never been here......tapi alang2 jalan...singgah la to states yg kitaorg pass by kan,,,

eventhough it a long drag holiday and  most road was badly congested, we all had a very enjoyable trip jugak..some more went to Thailand (Golok) without any fuss from the Custom there..thanks and thumbs up to Daddy's Ex-Schoolmate (Teknik Trg)...Tengku Zamri a.k.a Mat Yie Golok....for brought us there and also for a nice and yummy lunch..... :)

We started the tour from KL-Kuala Lipis-Gua Musang-KB.....stayed for 3 nites there at Kelantan Trade Centre Apartment...directly rented from an owner.....so satisfied with the apartment..cantik n so comfortable,,,,dekat dgn food court,pasar CT Khadijah and also Stadium. Accidentally Kelantan vs Terengganu football match happened on the day of our arrival...so joined the crowd, shopping barang2 bola,jersey,horn n ntah apa2 lagi...btw we have a direct view from top of the apartment to the Stadium,so tgk bola free.

Agenda was fully scheduled....Pengakalan Kubur,Rantau Panjang,makan2 ,,hmmmm sampai tak larat makan n jalan, kereta both full, penuh shopping. Kat KB mostly makanan nya pelik-pelik!!!...At nigh we all jalan-jalan Pasar Malam Wakaf Che Yeh...huhhh happening...!!!

 "Lok Ching" @ Pekan Rantau Panjang

Lunch @ Restaurant Nasi Ulam Cikgu

 Yatie Ayam Percik

MyamKam @ Pekan Golok

We all lupe yg the next is at KT..dah booked the room for the next two days..
4rd day arrived at KT...so dua hari kat sini..memang hanya utk acara menenangkan fikiran and put on some more weightla,makan2 lagi, whatever makan kat Teluk Ketapang (Blkg Airport) memang best sesangat...nanti nak pegi lagi...

Ikan Celop Tepung @ Teluk Ketapang

Mak n Papa suke sgt ddk tepi pantai, so make them happy and enjoyed it.Kids as usual suke dgn kites...yela kat KL manede tempat sesuai main kites kan,.so we all tiap2 hari kena pegi pantai tggu kids puas main.,,siap nangis lagi tak cukup masa.Dah maghribla la Qisteena,nanti kita balik KT lagi  ok.

Erienna's Kite
 Qisteena's Kite

Not to forget, we visited Daddy's parent grave...sedekahkan Al- Fatihah and did apapa yg patut kat situ, btw we all missed Atuk a lot....AL-FATIHAH......

Suasana Kampung @ KT

Daddy's favorite..."Nasi Dagang Time...."
Mak Su....Muka Baru Bangun Tidor....
Last day..trip ended slowly sbb dah penat n habis energy,nak balik katakan...berenti sajer all the way..so perjalanan 8 jam akhirnya jadi 14 jam.

Hahaha..penat tapi berbaloi sgt sbb dapat jalan n also gembirakan Mak n Papa....

Makan Otak-Otak & Satar @ Aziz Satar Kuala Kemaman

to Ina n Icam thks for the accompany and jadi driver.

P/S :Gambar nanti upload dlm another camera.