Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March 2011 - Restless Month

This month was so hectic and a bit dissappointed to us, Mummy and Daddy....probably we spent so much time with activities which makes kid tired and exhausted.

At the end part of this month, we spent at the Tawakal Hospital....Aliyul was admitted.Diagnosed with bacterial infection.

His baby sitter called us said that Aliyull was vomited and dehydrated plus fever. Apalagi mummy run away la from the office at 4 pm then called Daddy yg still in the Tender Briefing meeting to go back jugak....

Luckily Daddy's office just 20 minutes away from Babysitter's house..compared to Mummy yg jauh di KLCC...with all those traffic obstruction.

So, daddy take him to the nearest hospital 1st,,,An Nur Hosp., normally we will see Dr.nazim from Az-Zahrah,kebetulan he's on leave. So decided to An-Nur.

=( . The service at An Nur was bad...to take Aliyull blood specimen took more than 10 minutes..terkial2....at last penuh tangan dia dgn darah....dahla dia dah demam and looks so tired...mmg x pro as Dr. nazim and Aliyull regular Peds,Dr. Sheila (Tawakal). letihla...

We then decided to transfer him to Tawakal for better treatment.....

Aliyull admitted for 6 days....and thanks to those visited him....and those comfort our feeling to go thru this hard time....luv ya all..

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