Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4 - Shopping Only @ Binh Tay & Russian Market

Day 4 ..we all have shopping at Binh Tay Market & Russian Market@Lucky Plaza

Toyota Sienna in Saigon


Fresh Cherry...Very Sweet..but too expensive RM120 per kg!!! vs RM64 if we buy at KLCC market...

After so tired shopping....daddy arrange for the room service massage....

Today, we had our lunch at Kedai Shamsudin at District 10 one of the Halal Food Restaurant in Saigon City.

Erienna with her vietnam traditional hat

At night we had Dinner again at VN. HALAL Restaurant just walking distance from our Hotel.

Lotus Stem with Prawn..also a must try

Nice Number....Dinner Bill 555,500.00 VDN (RM90.00)

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